26th may kathmandu b*m* bl*st update! (Photo Feature)

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There is something really not so sound and smooth when we talk about the recent activities of our country Nepal. We are hearing lots of chaos and unexpected happenings that is making a fear in our life day by day. Another big incident that has str*ke is the recent bo*b bl*st at Anamnagar and Shuke Dhara. As in a very daily basis from the str*ke to the political instability things in Nepal are not in the right way as it should be. People are making different kinds of predictions that it is all because of the corrupted politicians and people who are making lots of chaos in the peaceful making process of today.

This kind of unexpected incident should be banned and we should be cautious about its impacts and results as well. The government and respected administration should act wisely to make such kind of ac*id*nt not to happen again and again.On today’s accident one got K****d whereas people are in such a huge fair that anything can happen in this situation.