6.1 magnitude earthquke in Philippines left 16 people dead!

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Its been 4 years of the destructive earthquake that destroyed the whole Nepal. 12th Baishakh is yet celebrated as a Nepal’s Black because of the massive destructive earthquake that almost took thousands of life. Coincidentally today 11th of Baishakh in the eve of forth anniversary of massive earthquake 2072, two back to back shake of earthquake were felt in Kathmandu Valley and nearer cities of Nepal. 5.2 magnitude at 6:29 am and 4.3 magnitude at 6:40 am making a Dhadhing district center were recorded by The National Seismological Center on Wednesday. No any human damage has been reported in Nepal.

Today on 24th of April the two major destructive earthquake was experienced in Philippines with 6.1 magnitude and 6.3 magnitude. First 6.3 magnitude earthquake making a center on the island of Samar in central Philippines on Tuesday afternoon local time. The second major earthquake left 16 people dead and 81 people were injured and 14 remain missing .

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