Anmol and Upashana busy with “Captain” Promotion!!! (Photo/Video Feature)

Forthcoming movie “Captain” lead star Anmol K.C and Upashana Singh Thakuri admitted that they are recently busy in promotion of movie. Movie is all set to release on 17th of Flagun all over Nepal. Movie is based on sports drama.It is directed by Diwakar Bhattarai and produced by Bhuwan KC. According to the producers, Captain revolves around the current status of football in Nepal and its prospects. Movie features Saroj Khanal and Anmol K.C in a lead role. The film unravels the father’s anticlimactic story, in which he is compelled to leave football in search of employment abroad.

Picture Credit: Ramailo Chha

Anmol and Upashana admitted that they are recently busy in promotion of their upcoming movie “Captain”. Captain is a debut movie for Upashana Singh Thakuri. Movie captain demonstrate love Chemistry between Anmol and Upashana. Movie also features debut actress Priyanka Mv.

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