Artist who were flinged into j*il for their u*ethic*l works ! (Watch Video)

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Basically it is said, artist are the most precious jeweler of Nation, so indeed their value should be respected and encouraged at the same time by nations audiences. But with heavy hard we have to say, most of the nation’s artists have been involved in some social ab*si*e works. In this way, there are also some name and fame earned artist who are yet getting indulged into some u*ethic*l works. So there are lots of artist were flinged into j*il after finding out that they who were indulged into some u*ethic*l work such as, M*rd*r, R*pe, Human Sm*gl*ng and many more.

1. Khusbu Oli

2. Rajendra Khadgi

3. Sudarshan Gautam

4. Madhab Wagle

5. Prakash Ojha

6. Rekha Shah

7. Subash Giri

8. Pushpa Raj Purus

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