Barsha Raut and Barsha Siwakoti comes together for their movie and celebrates their friendship..

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The very bold and talented duo Actress Barsha Basnet and Barsha Raut have come up with media today and they have surprisingly cleared up the gossip that has been spread on media. As they were said to have a cold relationship with each other and media has been comparing these two from their first movie carrier. As both of the actress movies were clashed where Barsha Raut Jatrai Jatra 2 and Barsha Siwakoti Bir Bikram 2 is being released on cinema hall and being loved and praised by the fans.

In a surprise note Barsha Raut came along to the hall to support Barsha Siwakoti and have watched it along with her. As this is something very rear that one actress in media and whole film fraternity are being supported with each other.

They have also promised to make into the special appearance on films together too. When asked about their personal relationship they seem to be very open lovey dovey , quite and supportive with each other.

To watch the full fun interview of them click down the link down below.