Barsha Raut misses her romantic Honeymoon days and trust me they are worth missing by her.

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The very hot and happening couple of K-Town Barsha Raut and Sanjog Koirala are enjoying their time of being togetherness as nobody. After 3 months of marriage they decided to finally flew to the most romantic places of the world.

Their pictures and videos of honeymooning and vacationing like a crazy birds went viral in Social Media and people were so into it. They choose some of the very romantic places on the earth to reserve the memories for lifetime. On their buckest list they enjoyed in  Rome,Italy,Paris,Disneyland,Greece and Switzerland and whole Social media were busted with the pictures of them on those respective romantic vacation ever.

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But it seems like Barsha is still in those swings of the romantic high heels and snows of Swiss and Greece.She has shared the throwback video through her Official Tick-Tok account,as she is very much active in Social media through which we could see that she misses the her best time of her life and misses being there.

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And after the long honeymoon vacation all we could feel that both of the duo are so very romantic and lovey-dovey. We wish that they make millions of memories in coming future,Undoubtedly after that surprising honeymoon trip we could surely say that they are gonna cherish every moment of life together forever.