#COVID-19 information: De*ath of Nurse at Patan Hospital!

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Healthcare assistant are on the front lines of the global effort to care for patients with COVID-19, while putting themselves at risk for infection. As we have been hearing the news of thousands of Health workers who di*ed due to the COVID-19 infection in more than a dozens of countries. But by god grace their was no any health worker who had to loose their life due to Corona in Nepal. But Lately, one melancholic news has hit the entire nation and the news was of “Nurse de**ath due to COVID-19 infection”.

According to Kalpana Shrestha, who is also a Treasurer and spokesperson of Nepal Nursing Associaltion, “She was the very first nurse in Nepal to die due to COVID-19”. “Vidya Joshi, who retired a few years ago after a long career at Bir Hospital, die*d at Patan Hospital on Friday” ,said spokesperson Shrestha. Kalpana added,” 70 years old Joshi was lifelong member of the Nursing Association and was getting treatment at Patan Hospital for corona infection.”