Documentary of Terrie Hall who fought against cancer for 10 times! (Watch Video)

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Terrie Hall was a real health hero, where a chain smoker Hall’s was suffered from a sever cancer and the voice box was removed. Have a gaze on this amazing documentary of Terrie Hall who continuously fought against her sever cancer for 10 times and got involved in an American anti-smoking and anti tobacco campaign. She was a survivor of 10 cancer diagnoses undergone 48 radiation treatments and nearly a year’s worth of chemotherapy, before and after undergoing laryngectomy in 2001.

Hall claimed that she started smoking from the age of 13. However, at 17 she became chain smoker to be with her friend and also her father was a smoker. Later than, at the of 25 Hall felt an adverse effect of tobacco including a sore throat the never cleared. At the age of 40 Hall was diagnosed with an oral cancer. But, Hall even continued to smoke throughout her radiation treatments because of which doctors removed her voice box. In 2013 at the age of 53 she was again diagnosed with cancer for 11th time.

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