Driver drub lady passenger, when denies to pay high rent for travelling! (Watch Video)

Currently, The video of woman being terribly drubbed by driver is going viral like an wildfire on Internet.
The video was actually form Kanchanpur, public bus staff drubbed a lady passenger for not paying high rent of travelling from Dhangadi to Mahendranagar. The driver was identified to be Gokul Bohora of Se 1 Ja 1094 bus and the woman was identified to be Laxmi Dhanadi from Dhangadi,Nepal. After an investigation, police said, “Though the actual public bus rate from Dhangadi to Mahendranagar was Rs.140, driver repeatedly demanded for Rs.200 and when the woman denied to give Rs.200 the driver started attacking woman.” . Diver is now under arrest of cops.

Watch Video…


Watch Video

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