Finally the real picture of Black hole has been unveiled by a female scientist Dr.Katie Bouman! (Photo/Video Feture)

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‘Where there is will there is a way’ Today, Dr.Katie Bouman has proven the world, this quote is applicable in real life too. Indeed! Dr.Katie Bouman who is an American imaging scientist and Assistant Professor of Computer Science at California Institute of Technology made the algorithm that made it possible for us to see the first image of the black hole. Yes! you heard it right, The first ever image of black hole which was unveiled by Event Horizon Telescope yesterday.

The world is still awestruck. Everyone is praising the hard work of scientists who worked relentlessly for a decade to make this image available to the world. Well, the world has ushered in a new era of astrophysics with this picture of a black hole in a galaxy called M87, which is 50 million light years away. Before this, no one had ever seen a black hole. It was because of the fact that they are hardly visible due to their extreme gravitational pull.