“Godhuli Sanjhma” by Tanka Timalsina and Prabisha Adhikari!!! (Watch Video)

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Romantic Song “Godhuli Sanjhma” by Tanka Timalsina and Prabisha Adhikari has unveiled on Youtube. Music composition is done by Krishna B.K whereas lyrics is penned by Tanka Timalsina a singer himself. Bikram Chauhan directional music video features Tanka Timalsina, Prabisha Adhikari and Krishna B.K. Basically the song is made with Nepali Lok flavor.

Prabisha Adhikari is one the of the famous playback singer of Nepal. She started her career as a singer from Kaslai Diu Yo Jovan movie. “Timi Jaha Chhau Ma Tehi Chhu” was one of the most hit song of 2010 from movie “Kaslai Diu Yo Jovan”. Tanka Timalsina is also one of the famous folk singer of Nepal.

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