Jessica Cox : World’s First licensed pilot without arms! (Watch Video)

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Nothing is impossible in this world. The greatest power in human is indeed a self-confidence. A 25-year-old woman with no arms has become the first pilot ever to fly a plane using only her feet. Indeed! she is non other than Jessica Cox who suffered from a rare birth defect has been able to accomplish many impossible feats in her life. From being the world’s only licensed pilot without arms to earning a Taekwando double black belt.

That has not stopped her from living her life to the fullest. The psychology graduate can write, drive a car,fly a plane and play piano all with her feet. Jessica Cox is also a former dancer. She is one of the best exemplary personality for those people who carries very typical thinking of about Physically disable persons. Though she is physically disable, she has stunned enter world by accomplishing a licensed for flying plane.

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