Lalitpur Kanda : Anjana lama Mahat Sister came exclusive in an interview where she opened the m***er mystery.

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Ujjwal Mahat who is popularly known for a audio engineering of most popular song “Suna Saili” has been claimed for cho***ng his 25 years old sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat’s head off by striking Khukuri. Now, He has been taken into custody for mu***ng sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat.

Few days prior, “Ujjwal Mahat shared an status mentioning about his ear problem and wrote, “NAMASTE, All my friends and well wishers, past 5-6 months aghi dekhi mero ears ma problem aeko karan I have left my proffession and career as an audio engineer permanently and I have left all the studio related works and audio works permanently, Mero account ma suspicious activity dekhiekole maile facebook chalaunu sakeko thieena : facebook , messenger ra gmail hack vaeko hunasakchha, so sorry for that…Thank U all for always loving and supporting me…Sorry for the late post…”During an investigation, Chaapa Gaaun Municipal Police team divulged that Ujjwal didn’t had bad relationship with any member in family at all. But according to Khiuju, “Ujjwal seemed to be unstable since few months, He had a changing behavior, He used to behave and talk rudely with family member, although the relation with brother was good.”

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In an exclusive interview just few minutes ago Anjana’s Fupu came into media. She has claimed that it is a total made up conspiracy which is done inside the family. She has expressed her sorrow towards Anjana’s d***h and has cried in front of media.She also said that how could Anjan’s mother in law could sleep on the top floor where Anjana was brutally being Ch****d. According to her she has confidently said that it is the whole made up conspiracy of both husband,and his brother Ujjwal Mahat who is now in a police custody. When asked about the reason of this case she  added that she wont stop here as she says that if there is law in Nepal Anajana should get justice. She also says that if the law and the Police administration wont make any effort then she will go against everyone and also has declared to revolt for this issue.

To watch an exclusive interview click down the link below.