Live CCTV footage of US Bangla air crash video got leaked ! (Watch Video)

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On 2018 March 12 US-Bangla aircraft bound for Kathmandu from Dhaka got crashed off the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport and burst into flame that divulged 51 passengers along with flight staffs. An exclusive life CCTV footage of the Bangala air crash has been leaked on Internet and this 2.59 minutes CCTV footage is now going viral like wildfire on Internet.

Not sure whether the plane was too low on fuel or not but it looked like some kind of emergency landing approach gone terribly wrong. As far as i know there were some miscommunications and understanding with the air traffic controller and few fly by over the air port.
Also i came to know that the pilot’s background from Air Force and was a fighter jet pilot before. His approach kinda looked like an Air Show Fighter Jet approach. That sharp bank angle while approaching was definitely not suitable for this commercial airline. Lost too much energy because of that and came hard on the runway. Seems like that caused one of rare landing gear to fail and the aircraft lost control while on high speed. Resulting total loss of control and crashed.

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CCTV Footage: US Bangla Plane Crash at TIA

Posted by Everest News on Tuesday, April 2, 2019