Lootna Sake Loot singer Pashupati Sharma dropped his brand new dohori ‘Kyarna Maya Marichau’ on Youtube! (Watch Video)

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Popular folk singer ‘Pashupati Sharma’ has unveiled his brand new dohori ‘Kyarna Maya Marichau’ on Youtube. Pashupati Sharma’s lyrics and music composition ‘Kyarna Maya Marichau’ music video is directed by Prakash Bhatta and music arrangement is done by Ashish Aviral. With co-female singer Samjhana Bhandari, Pashupai Sharma has dropped this music video officially on a Youtube channel Prithivi Entertainment on 11th of April 2019. Music video made under a banner of ‘Prithivi Entertainement Pvt.Ltd.’ also features Pashupati Sharma and Samjhana Bhandari as an leading actor of music video.

Pashupati Sharma is non other than singer of most sensational and sarcastic song “Loot Kanchha Loot”. After the song was released singer was allegedly threatened by Nepal Communist Party (NCP)’s Youth Association Nepal to delete the song from internet. The song “Loot Kanchha Loot” highlighted unrealistic government policy and people who have suffered from unemployment and corruption in Nepal.

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