“Mangsire Purnima” ft. Nagma Shrestha and Aakash Shrestha (Watch Video)

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A brand new folk number ‘Mangsire Purnima’ starring Aakash Shrestha and Nagma Shrestha has been dropped on Youtube. Song ‘Mangsire Purnima’ lyrics and Music composition is done by Tampashe Rai whereas music arrangement is done by Amos Tamang and sung by Melina Rai and Salun Magar.

Nikesh Khadka’s directional music video ‘Magsire Purnima’ video is edited by Bikash Dhamala whereas, a dance choreography is done by Subol Thapa. ‘Mangsire Rurnima’ is basically a folk eastern Nepal cultural based song.

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