Maruni unveils its first official dancing number ‘Jaam Na Maya Jaam’ (Watch Video)

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Forthcoming movie ‘Maruni’ unveiled its brand new first official dancing number ‘Jam Na Maya Jam’ exclusively on Youtube. Jam Na Maya Jam is a collection song by Deepak Bajracharya which was later retained in movie Samragyee RL Shah-Puspa Khadka starrer movie ‘Maruni’. Rikki Shakya’s lyrics, Mohit Munal’s arrangement is sung and composed by Deepak Bajracharya.

Nawal Nepal’s directional movie additionally star cast Rebika Gurung, Aayush Pradhan, Arjun Shrestha, Shankar Sedai, Binod Bhattarai and Sushil Chhetri in supporting role. ‘Maruni-Color of Life’ is made under a Presentation of Punam Entertainment is produced by Punam Gautam. Movie is slated to get unveiled on 30th of August 2019/13th of Bhadra 2076 all over Nepal.

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