Shrinkhala Khatiwoda surprised by a fan that made everybody’s mind blown away..

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The very beautiful and talented Miss Nepal of 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwoda has always set everyone amused with her beautiful visions and aspiration. Now she will be crowing her successor on the Miss Nepal pageant of 2019.

After becoming the good will ambassador for France and making an unforgettable remark in the top 10 of Miss World 2018 she has been praised and being followed by millions of people around the Globe.

She has bestowed her remarks wherever she goes  whether it is the establishment of the health post in the rural villages of Nepal or working as a social worker for spreading the mensuration health and hygiene around the nook and corner of Nepal.

Her pictures and videos are most of the time viral on Social media but this time it is surprising as well as fun video of her that is getting viral on internet like a fire.

In an event a guy has made an appearance in front of her with the heap of gifts and after receiving the gifts  from an Unknown fan her reactions is sweet  very sweet as well as surprising at the same time.

May be Shrinkhala has not expected things to be like that way but in a sudden accident the video and her reaction embraces which results into a beautiful reactions that also might shock the fans of the diva.

Well,we are sure that he is the biggest fan of Shrinkhala and has dared to share his emotions towards her which sounds really amazing and heart warming at the same time.

Look at the video here…