Actress Neeta Dhungana and Amesh Bhandari comes exclusive together,shares some of their cozy moment after breakup.

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The very famous and loved couple of K-Town Neeta Dhungana and Amesh Bhandari has finally come up in media exclusive and recently they have shoot together for the music video together. They were dating each other for a long time but have broke up 2 years ago. After they broke their fans heart by breaking up they are again predicted to patch up and been busy posing on social media like Tik-tok and was viral too.

They have recently shot for their Beimani music video which is their first project after their break up. There have been numerous rumors that they separated because their filmy carrier also did not made a pick. And after coming together they have shared there relationship now is purely friends. But they keep their fans on mystery we have to wait and watch how they go together.

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