Nirmala Rape and Murder Accuse Dilip Singh Bista’s statement! (Watch Video)

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Its been 9 months of Nirmala R*pe and m*rder case. But, the inculpate is yet inside a womb of mystery. Nirmala R*pe and M*rder case raided by a large number of investigation teams has become like a immense bone mounted inside a neck where it can neither be swallowed nor can be thrown out specially for Nepal Police department.

Not just this, it has involved entire Nepal Police organization because of which some of the police officers had to get fired from their jobs. Experts says that the indagation team have long term impact on the crime research after getting indulge into this Nirmala Panta R*pe and M*rder case, perhaps investigator might also get suspended during a period of investigation too.

Experts say that police have been working hard to investigate about this case with a great faith of finding a guilty. Recently, the office of District Attorney, Kanchanpur filed a case at Kanchanpur District Court against eight police officers for being involved in botching up the investigation and the very next day of case been filed the 8 cops were immediately taken into custody and produced before the court!

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