Pachthar Kanda : Song released in the case of Pachthar kanda,tears will roll down from your eyes after listening to this..

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Evening 20th of May 9 members of two families were brutally m*rd*red at Miklajung rural municipality 3. According to the local residence, decease were identified to be a member from Dhan Raj Sherma and his father-in-law Bam Bahadur Fiyak’s family. Nine members of Dhana Raj Sherma and his father-in-law Bam Bahadur Fiyak were brutally mu*de*ed with a strike of sharp weapon on Monday night. According to Miklajung municipality deputy chief, “Five de*d members from Dhanraj’s family were lying inside the house while four de*d members of Bam Bahadur’s family were outside the house.”

The members of family were identified to be Jasmita Fiyak of 36, Dhan Raj Fiyan of 41, Man Kumari Fiyak of 26, Bam Bahadur Fiyak of 74, Iksa Sherma of 6, Yobana Sherma of 13, Muna Sherma of 8 Ashika Khajum Limbu of 12. Only 12 years old Sita Khajum managed to save her life. The investigation of the incident is going on where the slayer allegedly identified to be son in law who m*rd*red his entire in-laws. According to Pachthar investigation team, The actual reason behind this murder was divorce. However, the accuse found h*ng near the village.

And the song of the case has been uploaded on youtube which has expressed the saddened story behind this case.

Click down the link below for the song.