Panchthar kanda : 9 people brutally K****d where 12 year old girl survivor comes with a shocking statement.

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After back to back criminal activities in our country again the very sad news of M****ring 9 members of the family has hit the social media like a storm and we been still thinking that what is exactly happening in Nepal?Innocent people are being brutally M******d and thrown into such a place where it would be hard for the police administration to identify the d***h body as well. Like everyday now we are used to hear such kind of news that makes our heart beat go fast. And after recent incident of Anjana Lama Mahat another brutal act has crossed it boundaries where 2 family of 9 people were M******d.

The incident has happened in the south village of Pancharth,Mikalagunj Gaupalika -3 Arubote. And according to the 12 year old girl who was successful to escape from this incident has come up with shocking revelation of the case and disclose that the people who came to K**l them were fully covered up and started to hit the family members one by one by the sharp weapon.The 74 year old Bamb Bahadur,his wife Man kumari fiyak,Jasmita Fiyak, Dhanaraj Sharma,Munna Sharma and Ashika kajumam were M******d brutally.

Further investigation is going on by the police administration now we just have to wait and watch how things will come up. But talking about the social crimes people are feeling insecure and criminals have become active which has result this kind of incident to happen day by day.

Watch video here.