Pashupati Sharma live on News24 !!! (Watch Video)

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Pashupathi Sharma’s “Lutna sake Lut” folk song made a sensational headline after its release on YouTube. But as soon as the song got unveiled he was forced to delete it from Youtube. Source said he was threatened by political parties to delete the song from Youtube. And after deleting that song from YouTube many people exploded their angry status against the sick laws and policy of Nepal government.

And just today in an official meeting of Folk music committee they requested singer Pashupati Sharma to upload the video as it was before. This song basically express the unrealistic government policy and people who have suffered from unemployment and corruption in Nepal. Singer affirmed that he will again upload the song on Youtube with mild edit on lyric of the song .The Song was penned,composed and sung by folk singer Pashupati Sharma.Sharma has also published various satiric songs such as ‘Malai America Yehai’ and ‘K Baahun K Janajati’ to raise social awareness.