Prem Geet 3 finalized its lead actress, Anjali Adhiakri will be sharing screen with Pradeep Khadka in Prem Geet 3! (Watch Video)

Finally 2016 release romantic movie Prem Geet tri squeal “Prem Geet 3″ has finally finalized its lead actress. For this time producer Mr.Santosh Sen and his company Asusen Fil has chosen actress Anjali Adhikari. In a presence of media team Prem Geet 3 officially announces its lead actress Anjali Adhikari who will be definitely sharing the screen with renowned actor Pradeep Khadka.

After gaining massive hype from recent released music video t”Galbandi” by Singer Prakash Saput featuring Anjali Adhikari in a leading role. Galbandi is traditional folk song which is based on the Rodhi tradition practiced in the Nepali society. With 5.4M view currently the music video ‘Galbandi’ is throbbing on number 1 trending on Youtube. Watch an exclsuive interview with Anjali Adhikari.

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Watch Video

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