Priyanka Karki flew for France to attend Cannes festival 2019 for the first time from Nepal.

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The first representative of  Cannes festival  2019 from Nepal is surprisingly going to be one and only Priyanka Karki. As from Bollywood to Hollywood there are huge number of stars who are representing their country and Priyanka this time is proudly slaying on Cannes 2019 which is happening on Rivera France. She has flew for Cannes festival and been spotted on Tribhuvan International Airport,Kathmandu. It is going to be 4 round movement for her and the journey for Cannes was not so easy according to Priyanka. She also added that the letter has been already being received by Priyanka on March and she is now super happy and says that it is a huge platform for the celebrity around the globe and proud movement to make her special appearance from Nepal.

Priyanka proudly says that she will be happily going and representing her country whereas she is to be the first celebrity to attend the Cannes festival 2019 proudly from Nepal and Nepali film industry.

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