Priyanka Karki badly Criticised by her fans for copying Priyanka Chopda and not being able to represent Nepal at Cannes 2019.

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72nd annual Cannes Film Festival is currently being held at Cannes,France form 14th of May to 25th of May 2019. Various global icons from world wide have been making their appearance on this ongoing Cannes Film Festival.

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For the first time one of the most talented, bold and beauty with brain actress Priyanka Karki will be taking part in Cannes 2019 Film Festival.


On 19th of May Priyanka flew off to Cannes, France for her Cannes film festival 2019 appearance. Currently, Priyanka Karki’s entire fashion style are acclaimed to be entirely copied. News and strike of critics for priyanka copied fashion style are throbbing on internet.