Replenishing the story of ‘Ujeli: A Child Bride In Nepal’ in ‘Ujeliko Katha’ (Watch Video)

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Our grown up Ujeli Aka Brinda Adhikari has unveiled her comeback venture ‘Ujeli Ko Katha’ on Youtube. Dipak Sharma’s music composition/Lyircs/arrangement ‘Ujeli Ko Katha’ is sung by singer Bindu Pariyar. Raj Khadka’s directional music video ‘ Ujeli Ko Katha’ is produced by Bikash Panta.

The music video is based on a life of Ujeli, who got married on very small age same as Brida Adhikari’s first movie ‘Ujeli: A Child Bride In Nepal which was directed by Deependra Gauchan in 1992. The entire video is basically on same story of Ujeli.

Ujeli form a famous TV serial ‘Ujeli: A Child Bride In Nepal’ which was directed by Deependra Gauchan in 1992. ‘Ujeli: A Child Bride In Nepal’ produced by UNICEF is now ragging on Internet. ‘Ujeli: A Child Birth in Nepal’ is an attempt to stimulate debate and dialogue about the tradition of early marriage for girls and the story that relates to most of the rural areas young girls who are forced for getting marriage.’Ujeli: A Child Bride in Nepal is broadcast in both English and Nepali in order that it might be distributed widely in Nepal and world widely.In 19th century 40% of women in Nepal used to get married before the age of 14 which results in a lack of education for girls as well as an extremely high mortality rate during child birth. Yet! Nepal has a high rate of maternal mortality during child birth, largely due to the young age of mother.Basically the film ‘Ujeli: A Child Bride In Nepal’ was shot in Rasuwa district of Nepal. The cast consists entirely of the villagers of Majhgon, Katunje and Betrawati.

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