“Saili” floating on trending #2 in Youtube, Watch full movie (With Video)

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Most awaited 2019 release movie “Saili” has been exclusively unveiled on Youtube. With 1.1 Million views movie is currently, trending on number 2 in Youtube. Saili features Gaurav Pahari,Menuka Pradhan, Daya Hang Rai, Kenipa Singh, Maotse Gurung, Prakash Ghimire, Puskar Gurung, Lokendra Lekhak, Kiran Chamling Rai, Susma Niraula, Ishtu Karki, Saroj Aryal, Aruna Karki.

Ram Babu Gurung’s directional movie saili is produced by Vishal Gurung and Mohan Rana Magar. Hemanta Rana’s most hit song “Saili” that tells the story of a husband who leaves home and beloved wife for foreign employment, and promises to have fun after his return after 40 prompted makers to produce this movie “Saili” which is also based on the social impact story of foreign employment. Gaurav and Menuka duo from song “Saili” were most appreciated by the audiences so movie “Saili” also portray the love chemistry between the Gaurav and Menuka. “Nachaya Maya” and “Pyat Pyate” were the hit numbers form this movie.

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