Shrinkhala Khatiwada speaks on S*xual Harassment and #Metoo movement (Watch Video)

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A Youtube channel Shutter Crop. Films dropped an interview with Shrinkala Khatiwada who is non other than Miss Nepal World 2018.
Audio Bites is a podcast series produced by Shutter Crop. Films. In this episode Shrinkhala Khatiwada speaks on S*xual Harassment and Metoo movement. During Shrinkhala talked about the Nirmala Panta’s Case and recent case of B.S Bhattacharya.

She mentioned,”First of all teaching is such an important profession. There used to be so much respected teachers and Gurus. They always had this clean image its all because they are teachers.The name teacher alone is something.But, right now teaching is a profession that you choose when you have nothing else to do… I am not trying to be offensive to all the teachers out there but, it is a sad reality! Not all of them but most of time. OK, i have done BE, BA… and you question yourself what should i do?? You look for jobs…. it’s just an option not done out of passion. Second of all there are some teachers who choose the profession so that they can be around young girls… What else to say… maybe we should have some screening mechanism who to screen if you are really passionate about teaching profession or not . But a teacher is caught being a s*xual predator.. ah and its a reality of every school.. i am pretty sure you had a s*xual predator kind of teacher in your school too. I had , definitely.. might be law should be strict but the immediate solution is that.”

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