Some viral pictures of hot Preeti Ale ! (Photo Feature)

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We all are quite familiar with the name Preeti Ale. Yes! Preeti Ale is non other than a famous folk singer and a belly dancer. After a tremendous success of ‘Dohori Battle’ part 1 Preeti Ale and her co-male singer Prakash Saput has again dropped the second version series of rap battle blended with the dohori with more power, more attitude and more energetic performance.

With 3.3 Million of views the music video of “Dohori Battle 2” is yet floating on number 2 trending on Youtube. Meanwhile, the success of Dohori battle 2 the Preeti Ale and Prakash Saput got dragged into a controversy where the audiences calmed them for trying to unfurl the vulgarity from song. Anyway here are some hot pictures of Preeti that is going viral on Internet.