Suhana Thapa Blushes when asked about marrying Anmol K.C in real life.

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The beautiful Nepali actress and director Jharana Thapa YE MERO HAJUR 2 became one of the blockbuster movie of Nepali Film Industry.And after giving the hit movie she is again back with YE MERO HAJUR 3 and this time she has launched her own daughter Suhana Thapa.

Suhana these days is busy interviewing and her tailor and song of the film is praised and loved by the audiences. She got the beautiful and graceful face and heart. And in an exclusive interview with Sutra Entertaintment the mother daughter duo has shared some of there memories with us.

Suhana added that she feels very lucky and blessed to have the supportive parents and YE MERO HAJUR 3 was destined for her. She also shares that Anmol and she shares a very common bonding. They both are Spiritual birds of Krishna and vegetarian and when asked about how many chance is there for real unity then she blushes and says everything is possible.

We wish this entire team of the movie with all our best wishes may this movie wins millions of heart out there who love Nepali movie and industry.

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