The bold and Beautiful Actress Samragyee Rl Shah harassed by Actor Bhuvan K.C

She has expressed all her sufferings in this video.

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The very bold,talented and beautiful actress of Nepali Film Industry Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah has come out with some of the most shocking and controversial statement. Yes,she has shared her feelings on her social media handle and has boldly expressed her suppressed experience when she was a new comer in Nepali Film Industry.She has already posted in her previous videos about the sufferings and experience while making her step in Kollywood. She also said that people around the industry has also suggested her to not to speak against the sufferings from directors and producers but she was very new and felt that she might lost her movies and carriers. Even with all those grudges she moved forward and she gave her hundred percent. She also added that she has given all her effort for making her films to the top. But,now she has come up with her statement of being harass by one of our fine actor,director and producer Mr.Bhuvan K.C. Yes,it might be very shocking but this is the fact,she has expressed that he has said let bygones be bygones. While attending an award show in Japan he come up with the same gesture with her that she didn’t liked and called her harassment,physical abuse which stilss gives her panic attack.

After so much is happening these days from the film industry from Bollywood to Kollywood now Actress and actors are coming up with the physical violence that they are facing through the so called film mafias. But,this is somewhat the first time that Samragyee has come up with the shocking truth and has bravely revealed darkness of the Nepali Industry.We wish this lady a more power and Kudos to you girl.

Click down the link below to watch the full video.