These mesmerizing pictures of Kathmandu Valley is going viral on Internet! (Photo Feature)

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Kathmandu Valley which is etymologically known as a Kantipuri Nagari. Approximately, about 20K individual with their dreamy eyes per year migrates form other small cities to Kathmandu for employment, for higher studies and to pull off their dreams.

Few years back the condition of Kathmandu was literally infuriate because of its over increasing population, over pollution due to the bumpy roads. Blind curves, gravels, crumbling edges, puddles, smoke, traffic and honking at every curve use to welcome those dreamy eyes to the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu.

But,its 2019 the image of Kathmandu has drastically changed. No more bumpy roads,no more pollution, well signalized traffic and these Blue purple jacaranda Mimosifoia flower blossom made the roads every more overwhelming image of Kathmandu.