Live Update : Anjana Lama Mahat,Nirmala Pant, Pachthar Kanda, Bhojpur Kanda these incident makes everyone onto fear,watch video

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There are many unexpected events which took place in Nepal and still the crime are uncontrollable and untolerable. Yes, on a daily basis we have hear and come to know in the news and social media that people are being brutally K****d and they are creating a big buzz in the globe. Especially woman are being affected and the news of them getting tutored,raped and mu*****d are crossing all it limits. From Sarita Hatya Kanda to a mother Ch****ng down his own son are making a sensation news globally and there are arising numbers of questions regarding the safety of a girl and a woman in Nepal.

Another incident which strike everybody is Lalitpur Kanda where Ujjwal Mahat who is popularly known for a audio engineering of most popular song “Suna Saili” has been claimed for chopping his 25 years old sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat’s head off by striking Khukuri. Now, He has been taken into custody for m*rd*ring sister in law Anjana Lama Mahat.

Few days prior, Ujjwal Mahat shared an status mentioning about his ear problem and wrote, “NAMASTE, All my friends and wellwishers, past 5-6 months aghi dekhi mero ears ma problem aeko karan I have left my proffession and career as an audio engineer permanently and I have left all the studio related works and audio works permanently, Mero account ma suspicious activity dekhiekole maile facebook chalaunu sakeko thieena : facebook , messenger ra gmail hack vaeko hunasakchha, so sorry for that…Thank U all for always loving and supporting me…Sorry for the late post…”During an investigation, Chaapa Gaaun Municipal Police team divulged that Ujjwal didn’t had bad relationship with any member in family at all. But according to Khiuju, “Ujjwal seemed to be unstable since few months, He had a changing behavior, He used to behave and talk rudely with family member, although the relation with brother was good.”

Another is also a very devastating M****r Mystery of Pachthar district where Local residence, decease were identified to be a member from Dhan Raj Sherma and his father-in-law Bam Bahadur Fiyak’s family. Nine members of Dhana Raj Sherma and his father-in-law Bam Bahadur Fiyak were brutally mu*de*ed with a strike of sharp weapon on Monday night. According to Miklajung municipality deputy chief, “Five de*d members from Dhanraj’s family were lying inside the house while four de*d members of Bam Bahadur’s family were outside the house.”

The members of family were identified to be Jasmita Fiyak of 36, Dhan Raj Fiyan of 41, Man Kumari Fiyak of 26, Bam Bahadur Fiyak of 74, Iksa Sherma of 6, Yobana Sherma of 13, Muna Sherma of 8 Ashika Khajum Limbu of 12. Only 12 years old Sita Khajum managed to save her life. The investigation of the incident is going on where the slayer allegedly identified to be son in law who m*rd*red his entire in-laws. According to Pachthar investigation team, The actual reason behind this murder was divorce. However, the accuse found h*ng near the village.And another mystery has again come to the highlight in an exclusive way where the man has made some shocking revelation regarding this issue.

It is a fact that people are not feeling safe with all this incidents which is occurring one after another. There should be a very strong rules and regulations to the criminals so that it wont happen on any way.The government should act promptly for creating a peaceful and healthy environment for the people who are living and especially for the girls and woman who are suffering through this act on a daily basis.