Watch an exclusive interview with Anmol K.C, Jharana Thapa and Suhana Thapa ! (Video)

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Actress turned director Jharana Thapa unveiled her third venture movie ‘Ye Mero Hajur 3’ that features Mega Star Anmol K.C and introduced daughter Suhana Thapa in a lead role. This time Jharana hasn’t chosen any other well established artist for her movie, rather she decided to introduced her daughter Suhana Thapa along with Mega Star Anmol K.C.

After her debut in ‘Ae Mero Hajur 3’ chemistry between Suhana and Anmol has become a sensational topic to gossip. Prior, Suhana was introduced as a producer for Jharana Thapa’s second venture ‘Ae Mero Hajur 2’ . Indeed, Samragyee RL Shah and Salin Man Bania starrer movie ‘Ae Mero Hajur 2’ was massive hit. After a grand whang of Anmol and Suhana starrer ‘Ae Mero Hajur 3’ on April 12 all over Nepal the movie has been gaining massive positive response from Nepalese audiences. Watch an exclusive interview with director Jharana Thapa and ‘Ae Mero Hajur 3’ starrer Anmol K.C and Suhana Thapa.

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