Watch an exclusive interview with famous Aghori Baba (With Video)

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Currently, Aghori Baba singing video is going viral like and wildfire on Internet. Aghori which is known as a Aghora in Sanskrit. They are the small group of ascetic Shaiva Sadhu. They often dwell in charnel ground, smear cremation ashes on thier bodies, and use bone from human cropes for crafting skull cups whch shiva and other Hindu deities are often iconically depicted holding and Jewelry. Due to the nature of Cannibalism Aghori baba’s are immensely noticed all around the globe.

Aghori does not differentiate between good and bad as every material around them is regarded as Shiva.After the completion of the twelve-year cycle under the guidance of Guru the Aghori baba generally lives as the traditional healers.So, Basically they are also known as healers but, these days its hard to find true Aghori Baba. Watch an exclusive video of one of the most famous Aghori Baba who literally seems to be educated and from a good family, who eventually decided to take a Shanyas and be Aghori Baba.

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