Watch an exclusive interview with Pathari Kanda Victim Rina Banset’s son! (With Video)

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On 20th of April a de*d body of woman was found at Pathari Bazaar in Morang. Later on, the body was identified to be of 29 years old Rina Basnet. The body of Rina was flinged without clothes in front of her flat at Pathrai. 

According to investigation team, The incident was mysterious as Basnet’s inner garments were found inside her rented flat room, also affirmed that the empty bottles of beer were found inside her room and said Rina had consumed liquor. The actual cause of death was clear yet!.

According to residence, A mother of 13 years old son Rina Basnet left her room for a cultural programme held at Pathari bazar on Friday evening and returned home inebriated. Rina’s husband is employeed in Dubai. watch an exclusive interview with Rina Basnet’s 13 years old son Simon Basnet.

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