Watch an exclusive interview with Priyanka Karki after her debut in Cannes Film Festival! (Watch Video)

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Priyanka Karki debut in Cannes Film Festival 2019 representing Nepal as an first brand ambassador on Cannes film world premier has finally returned to Nepal. 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival was held at France from 14th of May to 25th of May 2019. Various global icons from world wide made their appearance on Cannes Film Festival. Being associated with non profit organization ‘Adventure of Humanity’ as an brand ambassador Priyanka flew off to France to make her debut appearance in Cannes Film Festival 2019 as an film maker on world film premiering. Watch an exclusive interview with Priyanka Karki.

Priyanka was badly criticized for not being able to representing Nepal as it should be and indeed coping a looks aswell as attire of different Bollywood celebs itself from Cannes. Recently after attending the Cannes 2019 for the first time she has given her interview regarding what exactly it was all about and how she has felt and her overall experience towards the journey there. She also thanked to her fans for bestowing love and support and also express that she was not onto the fleek and promise that next year she will definitely make Nepal and her fans proud.

But when question was rose about her cannes look and styles, she simply said, “Ever since I left for France, there was lots of gossips being around either about my dress, or about my appearance. I simply don’t want to feed into any negativity. I think every body is entitled to their own opinion. But to be honest I have my own choice to see or to not see, so i chose not to see it and to keep myself away from the negativity. So, I have nothing to say and see about these controversies.”

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