‘Yatra’ dropped a new song ‘Duli Duli’ on Youtube (Watch Video)

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Forthcoming movie “Yatra” unveiled its third song “Duli Duli”. Kobid Bazra /Pratick Paudel’s composition, lyric by Divesh Upreti / Pratick Paudel ‘Duli Duli’ is sung by singer Melina Rai. Movie has already unveiled its official trailer and 2 official songs on Youtube. However the second song ‘Chatta Rumal’ with 2 millions of views the remake version of the song was massive hit on Youtube .

‘Yatra’ is a debut movie for actress and a model Malika Mahat. However, The movie additionally features artists like Jahanwi Basnet, Bishal Katuwal, Prakash Adhikari, Dhiren Shakya, Rajaram Poudel, Nani Kaji Dangol, Binda Khatiwoda, Jun Zhang (China), Bobby (Kenya). Yatra based on a romantic genre is all slated to get unveiled on 12th of April on your nearest cinema theater.

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