What Occurs in Collagen Deficiency? + How you can Enhance Collagen

Collagen deficiency shouldn’t be one thing we see fairly often. Dermatologists might have informed you that your well being and pores and skin deteriorate with age as a result of collagen deficiency. This text will be taught all the pieces about collagen and the way its deficiency can have an effect on general well being and pores and skin.


What’s Collagen?

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein that’s ample within the physique. It’s chargeable for holding pores and skin, muscle tissues, bones, and tendons within the physique collectively.  A scarcity of collagen not solely makes the pores and skin susceptible to getting older and wrinkles however a number of well being points.

What are the sorts of collagen?

One to 2 % of muscle tissue is made up of collagen, whereas the robust tendons are composed principally of collagen. It’s usually collagen that contributes to the burden of those muscle tissues.

Collagen within the human physique is versatile and strong. There are 16 sorts of collagen within the human physique, however nearly 80-90% of them fall into the Sort I, II, or III class.

A 2011 examine by Sylvie Ricard-Blum on the Collagen Household describes, identifies, and categorizes 28 sorts of collagen-based on their construction and formation.

Collagen is usually divided into fibrillar and on-fibrillar sorts, which make up our 5 most typical sorts.

  • Sort I kinds the organs, pores and skin, tendons, vascular system, and the bone’s predominant part.
  • Sort II kinds the principle part of the cartilages.
  • Sort III kinds the first reticulate fibers, and it’s mostly discovered alongside Sort I.
  • Sort IV kinds the basal lamina and the basement membrane layer fashioned by the secretion from the epithelium.
  • Sort V kinds the hair, cell surfaces, and the placenta in our physique.

collagen deficiency

How Collagen Impacts Your Pores and skin

Because the human physique can not take up collagen as a complete, taking collagen as a complement can promote bone, hair, and pores and skin well being.

Throughout digestion, our physique breaks down collagen into amino acids, that are saved for later use in keeping with our physique’s wants.

Collagen might contribute to wholesome pores and skin, nevertheless it can not achieve this all by itself. You can be dissatisfied in case you suppose solely a collagen complement will enable you to obtain the pores and skin of your desires.

There isn’t a onerous proof that collagen alone improves pores and skin well being. Nonetheless, together with a balanced weight-reduction plan, dietary supplements may help enhance pores and skin circumstances.

Moreover, research have proven that individuals who eat collagen within the peptide type for 2 weeks or extra have a big discount in wrinkles.

Taking collagen dietary supplements is one of the best ways to maintain our physique’s collagen ranges excessive as we age.

Supplementing with collagen can enhance hair progress, forestall hair loss, and decrease the looks of grey hair. By supporting hair roots, these dietary supplements guarantee a pure, wholesome pigmentation of the hair. Their moisture-retaining qualities make them a superb remedy for dry and brittle hair.

The consumption of collagen dietary supplements shouldn’t be sufficient to maintain collagen deficiency in test—weight-reduction plan and way of life additionally contribute to this.

Illnesses Induced By Collagen Deficiency

Have you ever ever puzzled what occurs in case your physique doesn’t produce sufficient collagen?

Within the absence of collagen, a gaggle of ailments can develop that impacts the physique’s connective tissues.

Girls are twice as doubtless as males to develop collagen vascular illness, which normally happens of their 30s and 40s.

The signs of collagen deficiency might differ relying on whether or not the illness is hereditary or autoimmune. Collagen autoimmune ailments embody:


Lupus signs embody shortness of breath, complications, chest ache, stroke, recurrent miscarriages, mouth ulcers, and dry eyes.

Individuals with this autoimmune illness can don’t have any signs in any respect. Stress or extended solar publicity may cause signs to look immediately.


The signs of scleroderma embody hardening and thickening of the pores and skin, coughing, respiratory difficulties, wheezing, diarrhea, joint ache, acid reflux disease, and numbness within the arms and ft.

The illness primarily impacts the center, the pores and skin, the lungs, and the digestive tracts.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The signs of collagen deficiency arthritis embody joint ache, stiffness, irritation of the connective tissues, dry mouth, dry eyes, thinning of the blood vessels, and irritation within the coronary heart’s lining.

In the USA alone, 1.3 billion individuals undergo from rheumatoid arthritis.

Temporal Arteritis

This situation contains signs of collagen deficiency, comparable to complications, lack of imaginative and prescient, and jaw ache.

The irritation normally happens within the giant arteries, particularly within the head. Individuals over 70 years of age are most definitely to expertise these signs.

Hereditary Illnesses

The next are ailments brought on by the deficiency of collagen, so their signs may also fluctuate from individual to individual. Nonetheless, the most typical signs are fatigue, fever, muscle weak spot, physique aches, pores and skin rashes, and joint ache.

  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • Osteogenesis imperfecta (OI), or brittle bone illness
  • Marfan’s syndrome

Warning Signs Of Collagen Deficiency

symptoms of collagen deficiency

Having discovered a lot about collagen and its ailments, let’s now be taught how one can inform when you have collagen deficiency.

The next eight warning indicators will enable you to decide in case your physique is in determined want of collagen.

Hole Face and Eyes

In case your face and eyes are hole, you might have a collagen deficiency.

Collagen may be misplaced naturally as we age. Furthermore, the pure glow can be light, giving the phantasm of a hollowed-out zombie.

If you age, you’ll discover your eye space has turn out to be deeper, leading to a hole, and your cheek pores and skin additionally seems thinner.

It has additionally been discovered that stress could make eyes and faces seem uninteresting and lifeless. It’s essential to see a therapist in case your stress appears uncontrolled otherwise you’re experiencing melancholy, nervousness, or different psychological well being issues. Web sites like www.betterhelp.com may help customized match you to a therapist out there on-line, in your schedule.

Recurring Joint Ache that received’t go away

One other signal that you’ve got collagen deficiency is joint ache.

As collagen depletes from our our bodies, our cartilages turn out to be extra strained, inflicting joint ache. Apart from this, an absence of collagen can adversely have an effect on the motion of tendons and ligaments.

Leaky Intestine that received’t heal

A abdomen is made up of collagen, similar to every other a part of the physique. When you could have a leaky intestine, you most likely lack collagen.

Collagen makes up the liner within the intestine, so its depletion may cause digestion and immunity issues.

You Can’t Transfer Freely

One other signal of collagen deficiency is decreased mobility. Infected joints and stiffness within the physique may result from a depletion of collagen.

Your Muscle mass Ache All of the Time

The connective tissue in our our bodies – collagen – holds our bones and muscle tissues collectively. A muscle ache is your physique’s method of telling you it lacks collagen.

A lower in collagen leads to these tissues breaking, inflicting ache and cramps.

Your Blood circulation is inconsistent

Collagen contributes to the liner of the blood vessels, which, when depletes, interrupt the graceful blood circulation. Blood circulation issues can result in dizziness, fatigue, complications, and chest ache.

You see Cellulite right here and there

When our collagen depletes, our pores and skin loses its elasticity and turns into lumpy or dimpled, giving an unflattering look to our pores and skin.

You start to Age Shortly

The lack of collagen additionally causes positive strains and wrinkles, that are the primary indicators of getting older. As collagen depletes, we expertise a lack of elasticity and construction in our pores and skin.

How To Increase Collagen Ranges Naturally

collagen deficiency

By now, you is perhaps considering: How can I produce extra collagen?

With age, collagen ranges naturally diminish, however don’t fret! It’s stunning to search out that collagen-rich meals have the flexibility to spice up our physique’s collagen ranges:

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has a variety of medicinal properties. Miracle plant, it offers soothing and therapeutic results. Nonetheless, it’s efficient at therapeutic wounds as a result of it boosts collagen manufacturing within the physique.

Topically and internally, aloe vera promotes cell progress by rising collagen manufacturing.

You should utilize pure aloe vera or combine it with different substances to obtain the advantages.

Vitamin C

Consuming collagen-boosting meals, comparable to these wealthy in Vitamin C, is a good way to spice up collagen manufacturing. Vitamin C is critical for producing pure hyaluronic acid throughout the physique, which quickens restoration and therapeutic.

In consequence, consuming meals wealthy in Vitamin C will improve the physique’s hyaluronic acid manufacturing, producing extra collagen.


That is an historic conventional Korean treatment for reinforcing collagen.

Ginseng was discovered to be very useful in producing sort I collagen contained in the human physique in a 2012 examine. With none negative effects, it rapidly reaches the physique.

Along with its medicinal properties, Ginseng accommodates antioxidants that assist shield pores and skin from the dangerous results of the solar.


A number of recipes name for cilantro. Moreover, it accommodates Vitamin C, which is essential for reinforcing collagen manufacturing within the physique.

In response to researchers, the herb additionally accommodates linoleic acid, which is an antioxidant that gives anti-aging advantages.


Spirulina, an algae, prevents pores and skin oxidation as a result of extreme air pollution and boosts collagen manufacturing.

In vegans and vegetarians, spirulina is without doubt one of the greatest sources of collagen. Consuming spirulina dietary supplements is a good way to revive collagen and the pores and skin’s elasticity throughout the physique.

Backside line

Everybody certainly appreciates younger, wholesome pores and skin, however magnificence goes far past that. The important thing to feeling good in your individual pores and skin is to not punish your self. A wholesome complexion is our physique’s method of telling us that all the pieces is so as. Though you can’t completely reverse getting older, you’ll be able to decelerate its results—precisely what collagen does.

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